What is Scholz's real involvement? Although he knew already about the Problems with Wirecard, he still had thru his State Secretary Wolfgang Schmidt Wirecard promoted , also within the Government!

It is difficult to prove whether Olaf Scholz deliberately looked away in the Wirecard affair. What is certain, however, is that he would have been able to contain the damage caused to shareholders and the German economy if he had looked more consciously in good time. And that would have been his duty as the Federal Minister of Finance. The information he received was so alarming a year and a half ago that Scholz should have done everything possible to forcefully expose the Wirecard fraud system.
Instead of accelerating the investigation, Scholz íState Secretary Wolfgang Schmidt promoted Wirecardís market entry a year ago in China. The Federal Minister of Finance could have shown in the early phase of the Bafin investigation that he had learned from bad experiences. Even as Mayor of Hamburg, he hadn't cut a good figure in the cum-ex scandal surrounding Warburg-Bank due to his hesitant attitude.
For the chancellor's ambitions of the SPD politician - if they were ever realistic - this is another setback. A lack of feeling for the situation is the least you have to accuse him of.  Politicians from the opposition parties are pressing for further information.
In the Wirecard scandal, the opposition increases the pressure on Federal Finance Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD) - politicians from the FDP, the Greens and the Left are pushing for clarification. A spokesman for Scholz confirmed that measures to reform financial supervision should be launched as soon as possible - they are currently still being voted on within the federal government.

Already informed about investigations in February 2019
According to his ministry, Scholz had already been informed on February 19, 2019 that Bafin's financial supervisory authority at the Dax company Wirecard "was investigating in all directions for market manipulation, that is, both against those responsible at Wirecard AG and against people in whom information on participation was involved of market manipulations ".

Left-wing boss Bernd Riexinger demanded that Scholz "urgently explain why the references to inconsistencies at Wirecard, but also to the problems in the supervisory architecture as a whole, have been ignored in his ministry for so long".

Greens: more powers for the Bafin
Green member of the Bundestag Danyal Bayaz criticized that Scholz has so far avoided a discussion in the Bundestag. However, the failures would have to be dealt with - also in order to better set up Bafin's financial supervision.

This must be given more powers so that it is feared in the financial markets in the future.

FDP proposes committee of inquiry
The Free Democrats would now "try again to provide clarification through a comprehensive set of questions and in a special session of the Finance Committee of the Bundestag," said Florian Toncar, the group's fiscal spokesman.

If the open points and contradictions could not be cleared up in this way, "in our opinion a parliamentary committee of inquiry would make sense". The German public, especially the many injured investors, would be entitled to "learn what the Wirecard supervision really did."

Ex-board still fleeting
Wirecard filed for bankruptcy at the end of June after the company had to admit that the 1.9 billion euros of cash on the balance sheet that were allegedly held in Asian bank accounts could not be found. Bafin President Felix Hufeld described the events as a "shame" for Germany. As a consequence of the balance sheet scandal, Scholz has announced a reform of German financial supervision.

Ex-Wirecard board member Jan Marsalek is still volatile. The "Spiegel" reported on Friday that Marsalek apparently had previously unknown connections to the Caribbean state of Grenada.

Isaan News has obtained information that Marsalek has designed Wirecard to support much more then Fraud and Money Laundering. Details will be released soon.