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Revelations about former Wirecard boss Markus Braun. Asked if he was a fraud, his answer was strange
Markus Braun: The ex-Wirecard boss is in custody ...

While the US presidential election is keeping the world in suspense, what is probably the biggest financial scandal in recent years is being negotiated in the German Bundestag: The parliamentary committee of inquiry (PUA) should clarify who bears the political responsibility for the machinations of the German Financial group Wirecard remained undiscovered for so long - although there were repeated indications of irregularities and fraud.

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Ex-Wirecard Boss with strange statements ...

Dan McCrum and Stefania Palma, two journalists for the British Financial Times, used their research to provide early evidence and evidence that a A large part of the Wirecard business was based on fake. This Thursday, McCrum comes to Berlin to testify to the investigative committee on the affair. In the SPIEGEL interview, McCrum talks about his experiences as a Wirecard hunter, which are now even to be filmed.
More at Spiegel Interviews ...

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