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KRYPTO-START-UP TENX Wirecard-Partner in Asien stellt Dienst ein: Investoren fuerchten um ihr Geld

Monday,11th of Oktober 2020-Ein von Anfang an kriminell geplantes Unterfangen - CryptoCard - findet sein Ende!

Oesterreichische Gruender feierten sich in Singapur als Krypto-Revolutionaere. Nun ist ihre Idee zumindest vorerst gescheitert - angeblich an Wirecard. Nicht angeblich, wie von Isaan Software Entwicklern berichtet, war TenX eine der vielen Unternehmen welche von dem fluechtigen Jan Marsalek (Oestereicher) gegruendet wurden. Was auch berichtet wurde ist, dass bereits in Jahr 2017, verschiedene Crypto Karten in Singapore zahlungs unfaehig wurden.Das angeblichauf Blockchain Sicherheit basierende Crypto Card System (Platform) wurde nie fertiggestellt, da sich, Isaan News bekannte, deutsche Software Entwickler straeubten, eine solche auf Betrug gebaute Platformen zu entwickeln.

TenX another "Wonderchild" of Jan Marsalek

Crypto Card TenX, what was praised? The seamless card experience! - What is true and what is poetry (lies)- CryptoCard based on a mysterious inventor Satoshi Nakamoto - a man nobody ever saw or talked to

Founded in 2015, Our founders believe that blockchain and cryptocurrency are the future of payments. They founded the company in 2015 with the vision of having assets on the blockchain, available not only to industry insiders but also to anyone in the world. Back then, we were called OneBit, focusing only on Bitcoin. Spend bitcoin instantly - Freedom to spend bitcoin, ether, and litecoin with the tap of a card - Your crypto is converted to cash in a seamless and instant payment
The "Brains" behind TenX - Singapore
Claude Eguienta (CEO) - No available background or experience in IT, Blockchain, Encryption or anything related to the TenX promoted functions
Toby Hoenisch - (CFO) - no history as a CFO or IT expert, but salsa dancing or practicing acro-yoga!
Paul Kittiwongsunthorn - (CDO) - Chief Digital Officef - emerged from Fintech Conferences, other then that no experience or background to be an experienced CDO
Michael Sperk - (no Title) - Engineer at an interactive visualisation startup, which "went down under" after the ramp up phase.

The Brains Team dreamed up functions that never worked
It should have been noted and understood - TenX was neither a Bank, had no Banking License-had NO financail experience or people with financial experience or background. Being a Daughter Company of Wairecard Germany, it was wrongly understood, that TenX was a big financial Corporation.
MOST IMPORTANT, TenX was never a company that was permitted to issue Visa Cards, it did never have a license from Visa Card. All TenX card were issued through WireCard Germany, usinga loophole in German financial regulations ( because of the ineptivness of the German Governments Supervision BaFin), offering Virtual Visa Cards, that were issued online in Germany and had accounts on Wirecard Bank in Germany.
Because of German regulations the Singapore FinTech TenX acted as sales Agent, and slipped so thru the strict Singepoer regulations of the MAS ( Monetary Authorities of Singapore)
A very genial designed fraud, designed by the Master Criminal Gang of Jan Marsalek amd Markus Braun, then Directors on Board of Wirecard AG Germany.

Marketing Tricks and misleading information to steal investors and customers funds
Incubated by PayPal in 2016 - We received our first outside investment in 2016, which was also the time when PayPal started to incubate the company for further growth. We rebranded to TenX - a name inspired by not wanting to grow "one-bit" at a time anymore, but rather by "10x"- meaning ten times as much, covering the whole range of crypto space.
TenX Visa Card Launch in 2017 - 2017 was the year we first launched the TenX Visa Card. We were able to ship the first batches of cards to our community beginning in July 2017, up until our then card issuer had their partnership with VISA terminated in January 2018 due to reasons unrelated to our business. Infact because earlier issued Visa Cards in HongKong in a test run, were cancelled by the Authorities, because of fraudulent methods The TenX Visa Card was re-launched in January 2019.
Buy Bitcoin launched in 2019 - To make bitcoin more accessible to the masses, Buy Bitcoin was launched in the TenX app at the end of 2019. With simplicity and security as the guiding principles for this feature, it enabled users to buy and receive bitcoin immediately in their TenX Wallet. For users who have access to the full suite of services, their wallet balance is immediately spendable with a TenX Visa Card. Final step of the genial designed fraud by Jan Marsalek and his Gang. Using a newly developed Payment Gateway, designed to launder big amounts off funds, already during the time Wirecard was under investigation. Purpose to exchange funds from wirecard accounts, investors, credit card customers into untraceable crypto currency and transfer to foreign accounts, stealing all the money they controlled, this is how the nearly 3 billion Euros disappeared. Result- Wirecard Customers won't have later any chance to recover their funds

All this and more was already learned by Isaan News then german Software Developer Group

Expert comments to the TenX promoted functions

Withdraw local currency at ATMs
Pay in local currency wherever you go, no forex fees - Withdraw cash from any supported ATM internationally Note the word "Supported" - actually it worked only on certain ATM's that were linked to WireCard Germany
Use anywhere Visa is accepted - Accepted at more than 54 million Visa merchant locations in over 200 countries - Pay for online shopping with fraud prevention by Visa's 3-D Secure The 3-D was never really working, no license
Seamless experience - Automated and instant crypto to cash conversion when you pay - No manual conversion needed from you Incorrect- Bitcoin and Etherum deducted digitally very high fees!
24/7 card security - Real-time notifications when your card is used - Advanced security options to lock and unlock card - 2 Factor Authentication for added security This was a part of the fraud, because TenX collected and stored Card users information, Name, adress, Bank account, locattion etc. something against German Law,
Detailed transaction tracking - Track TenX Visa Card purchases and expenses in real-time - See detailed transaction history and download monthly reports
Illegal tracking of user information The simplest all-in-one mobile crypto wallet
Licensed and regulated - As a licensed financial institution, we are bound to comply with regulatory requirements that aim to protect our customers: customer fund safeguarding, high compliance standards, and regular audits to maintain high safety standards. Fraud, TenX was never a financial institution or licensed as such. The entire system was designed for Money Laundering!
Safe Segregated Account - Your funds are kept secure in a Safe Segregated Account (SSA) as mandated by the European Union E-Money Directive. This means that your money is safeguarded and custodised by a reputable bank in the EU, independently of our financial operations Fraud, The funds were in the German Account of questionable WireCard Bank in Germany,a purely ONLINE Bank account, the Bank had no physical location,therefor all the funds were NOT secured and not under the wners control, they were controlled by the Criminal Gang around Jan Marsalek.
PCI Security Council verified - As a PCI compliant company, we adhere to the global standard of information security in the payments industry. Our technical and operational standards at TenX protect the data transmitted through card processing transactions. Fraud, the company had no legal, authorized PCI certification in Germany. The so called certification was issued in USA, not regulated in Germany.
3-D Secure, Verified by Visa - Your TenX Visa Card has an added layer of real-time fraud prevention and security with the 3-D technology, Verified by Visa. This protects your card from unauthorised use online. Not certified or verified
2-Factor Authentication - In line with industry best practices, 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) is enforced for all TenX users to keep accounts secure. A App based function nothing to do with Visa Cards verification
Facial recognition & biometrics - An additional feature to secure logins, facial recognition and fingerprint unlock are available on supported mobile devices, with PIN unlock as an alternative. Misleading - the facial recognition was purely a Smartphone application, access to the Phone, nothing to do with Visa or Banking access
Auto security updates - Over-the-air updates happen automatically when you open the TenX app, so that you are always on the latest and most secure version of the app. Misleading, only user information was scanned and copied, no security updates, as the TenX Application was not a certified Banking App
Personal data protection - All personal data is encrypted and stored securely. We will never sell your personal information. Wrong all user and transaction Data was saved on Wirecards Data servers in Aschheim Germany, accessible to the Warecard enployees.
Real-time push notifications - Get full visibility on your incoming and outgoing transactions through instant alerts. Something amiss? Act on it immediately with instant card management. Not secure, open message information based on the Telegrm messenger ( designed in Russia)
Instant card management - Misplace your card temporarily or spot a transaction you are unsure about? Lock your card instantly using the TenX app to disable both the chip and NFC. Unlocking it is just as simple. Again only an app based function, did not lock the Bank account.
Responsive customer support - Our dedicated and world-class Customer Experience team is here to help you. Get connected to us instantly during live chat hours or submit a support ticket for us to get in touch. Indeed maybe the only correct statement, the customer support was extremely sensitive, because of the on-going fraud, customer support paid attention to access and transaction information of card holders. A very efficient ticket systems with a high degree of automation was implemented.

Fazit: TenX was also one of the very genial designed companies by Jan Marsalek, for the sole purpose of money laudnering and fraud. Jan Marsalek very intelligently used loopholes in Singaporean and German financial regulations and an inept German regulatory authority BaFin. Supported by foreign intelligence services, Marsalek was able to commit this incredible finacial fraud, which might not even be punishable under any current laws

Nicht vergessen! der WireCard Fragenkatalog!

Kann ein Kanzlerkandidat so "inept" sein, oder hat er wissentlich gegen seine eigenen Anordungen verstossen?

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