Sources: 25.7.20;  10:00 Isaan News, and some confidential sources

Multi Billion Euros Profit - Tax Free - Thanks to Wirecard's Erotic Massage Services move to MyDirtyHobby, Pornhub (plus Wirecards dark net VPN) & Big7

As early as 2010 Massage Studioís are moving to the (Wirecard's) Virtual Online Space, thanks to Wirecards vast Datacenter in Munich , supposedly built for the Wirecard Bank , thanks to Wirecardís Bank Virtual Credit Card Services using a loop hole in German's Bank Regulations, Virtual Card users could pretend to be in Germany opening a German Euro IBAN Bank account, but really were all over the world, Prostitutes and clients could practically anonymously collect and pay. The perfect almost legal solution for tax evasion and MONEY LAUNDERING. Most porn portals operated by Wirecard's Infrastructure, were registered in Cyprus, Gibraltar and the US, used by even well known Persons ( Marsalek's comment "Igot them all in my Pocket",  using via Paxum USA CreditCards and others, a real criminal network built up, using dark net VPN services on wirecards Datacenter in Munich - read the ISAAN NEWS EXCLUSIVE REPORT and Interviews with massage studios in Germany during Corona shut down!    ...more