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The Wirecard "Club"

nobody wants to know anything more. The urgently and legally correct demanded investigation committee by the opposition parties, is been blocked with references to strange confidentiality regulations. Who are the real brains behind Wircard and a Fraud that has been planned for over 15 Years, by people who knew each other.

The Munich public prosecutor's office ("coincidentally the same public prosecutor who investigated Wirecard for money laundering 10 years ago") is keeping a low profile and supposedly does not want to know anything.

The German TV show Aktenzeichen XY is looking for the supposed super brain of the scandal - Jan Marsalek - must be a Joke .

Missing Wirecard exec escaped to Russia and 'has close ties to Russian government officials and possibly organized crime,' intelligence sources say..

The German TV show Aktenzeichen XY is looking for the supposed super brain of the scandal - Jan Marsalek - must be a Joke ...Why?

  Isaan News has learned from confidential sources in an Asian country that the German BKA and the BND know exactly where Jan Marsalek is. It is also said that Marsalek has a list of 30,000 - 300,000 names and dates from accounts that they have held at the various Wirecard banks. Accounts in Germany, which were either used for money laundering, or Visa card payment accounts which were used for the pornographic network of websites that Wirecard hosted on its data servers in Germany.
Customers from the upper social classes are assumed to be customers on this list, as well as high-ranking politicians from many countries.
One of the main reasons why the Munich public prosecutor's office is keeping a low profile and the government is referring to "secret documents".What are the secrets that have to be protected? -There is no doubt everyone is deeply involved in the scandal. But to everyone's surprise, everyone suddenly doesn't want to know anything about it. The Federal Minister of Finance, Olaf Scholz, allegedly does not know the Wirebank Brains (Burkhard Ley, Markus Braun, Jan Marsalek), although he has had frequent contact with the three gentlemen, especially Jan Marsalek and Marcus Braun (read the full story here at Wirecard News), for many years. Be it as a lawyer, at the German banks, at summer parties on the Bavarian lakes, or even directly in the government, on official and unofficial business trips, and as often has been reported at official meetings, because Marsalek was the financial prodigy of the Federal Republic of Germany. The pressure on the insolvent payment service provider continues to increase. The Bafin is threatening a fine, and politicians are calling for an investigative committee.

Frankfurt, Berlin The insolvent payment processor Wirecard is threatened with a fine by the financial supervisory authority Bafin. The company did not meet the deadline for submitting the 2019 annual report, the authority said. Wirecard should pay a fine of 330,000 euros for this. But how much of the money the Bafin will see from the insolvent company is unclear.
Why now of all times? The question is clearly answered, the Bafin boss would like to pull himself out of the affair with lazy excuses and suddenly mark the strong man.

Why a committee of inquiry is becoming more likely in the Wirecard scandal
After Olaf Scholz's questioning, the opposition groups see a need for further clarification. This could have serious consequences for the finance minister and only hope now as Chancellor candidate of the almost defeated SPD in the coming election year.

Scholz is caught in the Wirecard trap
Either the Federal Finance Minister did not know what his closest employees were doing - then he did not have the ministry under control. Or he knew it and didn't act.
A wall tactic is suspected of the Finance Minister.

What do Messrs. Müntefering, Steinmeier, Westerwelle, Rösler, Gabriel and Scholz have in common? You were all Vice Chancellor under Chancellor Angela Merkel and were allowed to play boss once during the summer break. Steinmeier and Gabriel even tried to get Merkel's armchair permanently. Now Olaf Scholz is the third person who would like to try it.

After the cabinet meeting he chaired on Wednesday, he was able to represent ursocial-democratic issues such as the fight against temporary work and work contracts in the meat industry or higher child benefits.
Scholz blocked Wirecard questions from journalists, I don't know, that's secret, I've never heard of it, even saying he doesn't actually know Wirecard at all except from the press..

What is Scholz's real involvement?    -   What about Scholz's trusted Finance State Secretary Jörg Kukies?  -  German Finance Minister Scholz had known about Manipulations since February 2019!!  

Scholz remains loyal to EY despite the Wirecard scandal .

Bafin and customs check suspicion of money laundering, a suspicion which the Munich public prosecutor's office (incidentally, the same public prosecutor who "suddenly" ended an investigation 10 years ago - because it was against the financial prodigy Jan Marsalek of the federal government and especially the chancellor) What should one think about that ?
Bafin and Customs are working together on money laundering information in the Wirecard case. A task force should lead to quick results.
Berlin The financial supervisory authority Bafin and customs are investigating the suspicion of money laundering at Wirecard. At customs, the so-called Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) investigates questionable financial transactions.

"The FIU and the Bafin have agreed - within their respective areas of responsibility - on a task force to work together on the evaluation of the existing money laundering information in the Wirecard case," said a spokeswoman for the Federal Ministry of Finance on Friday upon request. The "Spiegel" had previously reported on it.

The working group should ensure "smooth and immediate communication," said the spokeswoman. This should lead to faster results and support other government agencies 

Why would Russia hide a fugitive fintech exec from EU investigators?
Former Wirecard COO Jan Marsalek disappeared in late June after a $2 billion hole was found in the German company's accounts. Sources tell Insider they believe he is in hiding in Russia.
But why would Russian security agencies help with the escape of a fugitive fintech executive?
"There's a million reasons [for the Russians] to get involved with Wirecard," a Dutch official told Insider. "Russian officials always need to move money to the West, and Wirecard was raising lots of money but not as much as they told investors.
"Russian government and intelligence services expect financial favors by way of support for off-the-books intelligence operations by their favored businessmen," a Central European counterintelligence official told Insider.
European Union investigators and prosecutors have arrested three former top executives from the German financial firm Wirecard, which spectacularly collapsed last month after a $2 billion hole was found in its accounts by outside auditors. They continue to seek former chief operating officer Jan Marsalek for questioning, although law enforcement officials are worried that he may have fled to Russia in late June.
Marsalek also once bragged to colleagues that he knew the recipe for Novichok, showing the documents containing the "recipe" for the chemical used to poison ex-Russian agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter in Salisbury, England, in 2018, according to the Financial Times.

"We believe he is in Russia," a Dutch law enforcement official told Insider. "That he could so easily evade the German warrants, and cross into Russia from Belarus, certainly indicates official cooperation with Russian intelligence."

When asked what Russian intelligence would gain from involvement with a German online finance company, two EU law enforcement officials gave nearly identical accounts of a nexus between criminal activity and Russian intelligence and political operations.

'Russian officials always need to move money to the West, and Wirecard was raising lots of money but not as much as they told investors'
"There's a million reasons to get involved with Wirecard," said the Dutch official. "Russian officials always need to move money to the West, and Wirecard was raising lots of money but not as much as they told investors. So there's strong indications of both money laundering as well as fraud."
"So now the Russians have access to money sloshing around in Europe, Germany in Wirecard, and even Braun and Marsalek themselves in Austria," the official adds, pointing to an Austrian criminal investigation into both men filed as the company collapsed.

"It's well understood that the Russian government and intelligence services expect financial favors by way of support for off-the-books intelligence operations by their favored businessmen," said a Central European counterintelligence official who cannot be named because of close ties between their government and Russia.

"Austrian prosecutors will be investigating if Wirecard or these executives were funneling Russian support by way of cash to political figures," the official said. "Or I hope they do, as this has been an allegation raised in the past."

In 2019, prosecutors began an investigation into the use of Austrian banks in Russian money laundering that threatened to drag in members of the political elite.

Former CEO Markus Braun and two other executives were rearrested on Wednesday by German police. Investigators believe that Wirecard — a rising star in European Union online financial circles — had been fraudulently misrepresenting its assets to investors on a systematic basis.

After outside auditors discovered in late June that two accounts that were supposed to be holding $1.9 billion did not exist, Wirecard quickly collapsed. More than $3.2 billion in loans from European and Japanese banks is expected to be lost by investors. Within days of being fired, Braun and other executives were detained for questioning, but Marsalek fled Germany. Security sources told Insider he is most likely in Russia.
He knew the recipe for novichok
Marsalek appears to have substantial ties to Russian intelligence (but also to the german BND and BKA), European law enforcement officials told Insider, who cited his public bragging of trips to Syria in the company of Russian military contractors, about 60 trips to Russia over a 10-year period on six Austrian and three other unidentified "diplomatic" passports, as well as links to various Austrian right-wing politicians and political parties themselves linked to Russia politically and economically.
And in March, 2019 the government of Sebastian Kurtz was forced to resign after allegations that officials from their junior coalition partner, the far-right Freedom Party, had engaged in unethical dealings with Russian nationals,

These questions are still open in the Wirecard scandal
In another special meeting of the finance committee, the finance ministry is to provide information on the investor scandal. An overview of which questions still need to be clarified.

Berlin The statements by the federal government on the Wirecard scandal are not enough for the opposition. MEPs still have many questions for the Treasury Department and they are planning another special session. Those are the open questions.

Why didn't the Bafin and the Ministry of Finance intervene earlier?
The fraud at Wirecard is said to have started 15 years ago
An ex-Wirecard executive board warned the supervisory board of inconsistencies years ago, Isaan News learned from insider circles that a penware company had informed the financial supervisory authority in Singapore and the Bafin in Germany years ago that Wirecard's Indian software development team was involved Munich, has developed software which was developed for money laundering and stock fraud.
But nobody was interested, everyone was just greedy for financial gains, whether legally permissible or not. For the top management, shareholders, politicians and celebrities, even for E&Y, which was and is also involved via bogus companies abroad, only one thing was important: a good story for the capital markets.
Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Singapore, New York, the payment service provider Wirecard was already in deficit 15 years before the bankruptcy, according to a former executive board member. From 2008 he also informed the chairman of the supervisory board that the published figures only came about through massive interventions in the accounting, says the manager, who wants to remain anonymous. Discussions allegedly arranged with the CEO Markus Braun would have remained fruitless.

"It took me a while to realize that everything revolved around one thing: producing a story for the capital markets," reports the ex-board member. "The next capital increase, the next bond, the next loan."

The last question that arises is, how stupid does the Wirecard Club think people are, what role does the Munich public prosecutor play, good-faith finance ministers who are also lawyers, all fall for a "financial genius" without even having completed a school education? Even my grandmother wouldn't believe that!.

End of part three of the wirecard Saga - stay tuned with wirecard news - more surprising revelations are coming



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