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Markus Braun - his Criminal Vision - the Architect- How Wirecard could Scam the World and get Away for so many Years - Who are the brains behind it ? - The British FT has for many Years Dossiers of Markus Brown and Jan Marsalek - both in the Investment Banking Industry with many "famous" Banks for decades. They learned the Trade and used a loophole in the German Law - act as an IT (FinTech) company and not a regular Bank, both in the Investment Banking Industry with many "famous" Banks for decades. They learned the Trade and used a loophole in the German Law - act as an IT (FinTech) company and not a regular Bank ...more

Immediately before his resignation as Wirecard Boss, Markus Braun sold shares worth 155 million euros! and got released on a 50 million euros bond. The question arises who is protecting him?  May 2020 - BaFin still plays the innocent party, although he was Buddy-Buddy with BaFin for many years. Get more confidential details about the REAL Wirecard Operation and...

WHO IS Jan Marsalek

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Source:Isaan News BdP 25.7.2020-10AM

Breaking News : Jan Marsalek possible citizen of the Caribbean Island of Grenada with a New Name 

According to German Intelligence sources close to Isaan News, Jan Marsalek – an Austrian and former COO of Wirecard might carry a Diplomatic passport of the Caribbean Island Grenada.   ...more

Source:Isaan News BdP 25.7.2020-10AM

Jan Marsalek, from a School Dropout at age 20 to the Number 2 at Wirecard 

Marsalek came to Wirecard at the age of 20. The tech-savvy school dropout had caught the interest of the Wirecard management Detlev Hoppenrath.... But then a project called “Wirecard 2.0” failed – Marsalek had long left the board in the dark about problems until everything was exposed.   ...more

Source:Isaan News BdP 25.7.2020-10AM

His real talents criminal - Thanks to Wirecard's Erotic Massage Services move to MyDirtyHobby, Pornhub (plus Wirecards dark net VPN) & Big7

Massage Studio’s are moving to the (Wirecard's) Virtual Online Space thanks to Wirecard’s Bank and some porn portals registered in Cyprus, Gibraltar and the US, using also Paxum CCards and others, a real criminal network built up, using dark net VPN services on wirecards Datacenter in Munich, read the ISAAN NEWS EXCLUSIVE REPORT and Interviews with massage studios in Germany during Corona shut down!   ...more

Source:Isaan News BdP 20.7.2020-10AM

News Jan Marsalek now near Moscow on behalf of Russian Intelligence! 

The ex-Wirecard member Jan Marsalek has escaped to Russia, according to well informed German Intelligence sources and Media sources. It was always suspected he is in co hood with Intelligence services, otherwise how could he escape law enforcement for so many years   ...more


Ex-Wirecard COO is wanted update 19-July-20-sure gets around-now hiding back Home in Belarus?

Immigration entry records indicate that Marsalek has been fled to Belarus!  ...more


Ex-Wirecard COO is wanted worldwide - Could he be hiding in Mindanao?

Jan Marsalek, may be hiding in the Philippines, China, Thailand, Laos or elsewhere in Asia, Asia his home fields for his decades of criminal games ...more

Master of disguise- Jan Marsalek sought by Europol, FBI, Interpol - Catch me if You can

Jan Marsalek is sought worldwide, has a lot of cash and many unscrupulous criminal friends ...more


The Bizarre Life of Jan Marsalek, the Number2 at Wirecard - Eating Sushi from a naked woman's body ...more


The Indian Round-Tripping Scam by COO Jan Marsalek - going on since 2014!

Was Wirecards Indian acquisition deliberately structured to generate round-trip profits through EMIF? Key Questions about Wirecard's Indian business of Hermes i-Tickets ...more


Philippines suspect ex-board member Marsalek in China

Marsalek, a key figure in the billion dollar fraud surrounding the insolvent DAX group may be in China ...more


Breaking News - Marsalek now with his "Buddies" in China - What is China's involvement?

The fired Board Member Jan Marsalek is now in China - it was long thought that China is involved in that Scam - Do we have now a Chinagate? ...more


Oliver Bellenhaus, EVP of Wirecard Card Solutions Ltd. arrested - Shares collaps on DAX

While the fired Jan Marsalek is still hiding, another executive has turned himself in to German authorities.\he was arrested while he was travelling from his Home in DUBAI to Munich. He was detained, no Bail for him ...more


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